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Runtime portal assignment

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I've been messing around with SECTR as a possible optimization for the game my team is working on and cannot seem to get the portals to work after their forward sector is assigned at runtime. I was curious if this is just something i'm doing wrong or if this type of use is not supported in the asset. I can get it to work fine when I assemble a manual environment before hitting play but if I generate it then assign them it does not work at all and only renders the room the player is in instead of doing it's usual checking.


I should note that the environment is completely based on rooms and hallways and is generated without a scene switch and is all done at runtime. The only thing that exists is the "hub" and the player with the environment being generated after the player selects and generates said environment. When the player completes the environment it gets unloaded again and prepped for a new one.

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Additionally I saw in the scripting api to assign front sector and it will update previous sectors of the change, I was manually assigning the front sector in runtime instead of through code. Would the code method work with the runtime changes(I only did the manual one to save time programming something that may not work)?

SECTR_Sector FrontSector [get, set] Accessor for the Sector link on the front side of the SectorPortal. When set, properly notifies the previous Sector of connection changes

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Update: We programmed it to assign the front portal however it seems to be very iffy on usability, some rooms of the environment are completely or partially unrendered even while staring right at the portal or even entering it the sector remains missing. I'm gonna assume this doesn't work with runtime generated environments unless we are somehow doing something wrong.

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Thats correct sadly Sectr does not do Runtime Spawning. 

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