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Spawner Collision Mask offsets weirdly in Gaia Pro 2021

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I'm running into an issue with a collision mask on a spawner for game objects.  I've set the collision mask to the following:

blend mode - multiply, strength transform = default (diagonal upward), respected collisions = Layer Game Object with appropriate layer checked with padding of 10.  When I visualize the spawner I get an area that matches the object but is somewhat offset.  If I move the building say north, then the mask moves south as shown in the image below.  I've messed with different settings but nothing seems to correct it.  Any ideas what causes this issue? I'm using Unity 2022.1.14f1 and the current version of Gaia (3.3.0-c5)



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Hi @ymisofine, are you using HDRP or URP? If you are, could you please check under Edit > Project Settings > Player to see if you have either the entry for
HDPipeline (if using HDRP)

UPPipeline (if using URP)

in the scripting defines section?


If not, could you please try to add the entry, hit apply and try to refresh the collision mask after?


Some background on why I'm asking this: The collision mask is based on rendering an image taken from an invisible camera. In the SRPs we need to flip that image because we get an inverted image as a result. We had cases in the past where this flipping was causing issues for some users because they lost the scripting define in their project at some point, which means that the flipping did not take place when the collision masks were rendered.
We did also have extremly rare cases (I think 3 in total so far) where users would get a non-inverted image as a result, therefore the flipping itself was causing the issue. It is unclear why this is happening for that small amount of users, but in this case it was fixed by commenting out the flip in code. If the scripting defines are not missing, you can try to comment out the lines 158 -163 in Orthographic Bake.cs:


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I did have the uppipeline line in the player settings already so I switched the renderer to built in to test and sure enough the issue went away. I've switched back to uppipeline and ended up commenting the code. 


Thanks a ton for the help on this!

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