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Can we get rectangular World Stamp Generators?


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In my attached screenshot you'll see that in Gaia Manager we can setup X and Z tiles to be different to form rectangles, however... We cannot create rectangles in World Designer, it just auto does it to the largest axis and makes it a square. 

I'd love to see if we could get this Z axis on the world designer so that we can generate rectangularly. 

Let me know what you think! Thanks!


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This is definitely a flaw in the world designer, but unfortunately not as easy to correct than it might look like: The entire logic for rendering the preview and spawning the stamps, measuring the height on an non-exisiting surface for the sample scale objects on a compute shader etc. is based on the assumption that it is rendered / processed on a square texture. Not saying that it is not possible to change, but it is not as easy as adding another input field and then "instead of do it 3by3 times now do it 9by5 times" in the code.

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A temporary work around could perhaps be to create and then delete the excess terrain  tiles. End result is rectangle, but made out of squares.

The workflow would be a bit tedious, but you would get what you need.

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