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Gaia Underwater. No background - no Skybox - Just black.


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Im wondering if someone could help me out with something.  I have the light Gaia 2021, everything is working pretty A.O.K, except one thing.  I can not figure out how to see, or rather, why I can not see, anything once i am under the water surface except the terrain, and water caustics on the terrain surface below the water surface.  Theres no color, theres no fog.  


Gaia 2021, Unity 2021.3.5f, and HDRP


I am NOT using the Gaia player.  I have a custom controller / camera setup, though i have provided a local volume witht he supplied underwater profile, but that seems to change nothing. I just simply can not see any background but black.


A: underwater background.

B; Above water. 

C- In Car View

Even without build / play mode running, as soon as scene camera goes under the water surface, its black.  I mean, i wouldnt even mind if there was some bluish color or something, but nothing I have attempted has worked.





It really doesn't seem so much like as underwater, as more like in outer space. 😄


Though as i mentioned, i am not using the Gaia hdrp setup, only the provided underwater profile. Im sure something in configuration is probably the issue, but i do not know enough about hdrp and profiles to resolve it, assuming that is the issue,


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SOLVED: Didnt even need a script. All working well. Thanks anyways.

Sorry for a double post, but i believe i have my solution.


So Oh Hey neat, as i have been really really struggling and at the time i posted this, still struggling to work my way through this, still toying - i did happen to notice that a override profile is being added at runtime to my scene from Gaia... but ... ofc it is in a state of disabled, so when i enabled it, whoila, it starts looking like it should.  I am not using the gaia player at all, but i assume this is related to the unaffected reaction of the profile.


That said, However, i think between my recent observations, a trigger, and a little script, i may have found a resolve. Thanks anyways. Good day.

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