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Gaia underwater effects messed up


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Me again!


Something has gone wrong with my Gaia water setup, and I'm getting really weird artefacts and corruption when I go underwater:



I've tried removing the water system via Gai Runtime, and adding it in again. No impact by temporarily disabling any of the Post Processing Volume, Underwater FX, anything like that. Even with all child objects inactive, the water is rendering as above. Lots of black areas, squared off, lots of weird aliasing around the character and that weird reflection that you can see to the left of the character.


I've uploaded a video, to show the behaviour more clearly: 



I've also tried disabling the Planar Reflection Probe, thinking this might have something to do with it, but to no avail.


Any thoughts?



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Can you please tell me if you are using the Gaia Custom Player for your character and camera? 
Does the Camera have post effects turned on in the inspector? 

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Hey Bryan,


Yes, using Gaia Custom Player:



On my "Gaia Main Camera" camera, I've disabled "Customer Frame Settings". In my Project Settings > HDRP Global Settings, I have the following:




Is this the setting you're referring to?

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I think I've narrowed this down to Depth of Field. If I uncheck the "Depth of Field" override on the "Underwater Post Processing" volume, the corruption mostly goes away. There's still some weird artefacts around the player model, if viewed by a camera above the water:



I don't understand why Depth of Field is causing this, though! Everything seems to be setup correctly in my HDRP Settings and on the Camera.


Very odd!

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So this could be a few things. 
The most common is the render order / layer sometimes adjusting this would fix the issue. 
Otherwise reflections would be needed, I will have to look this up as this would happen with or without Gaia. 
Pretty much and water can cause this issue. 

I will look and see what I can find, but try the render order / layers. 

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Thanks again, Bryan.


By "render order", do you mean the priority on the Volume?


I do have two layers that I use for HDRP Volumes, so I can definitely try consolidating that down or switching it around.


I'll let you know what I find.

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