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Will optimising objects effect dynamic behaviour?

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First up, I'm loving Scene Optimizer. I ran it on the my Gaia scene, picking a few choice root objects, including my Gaia terrain, and it's given me a huge FPS boost. Even in HDRP, it allows me to maintain a consistent 60 FPS that just looks great!


I want to continue and broaden my optimisations. I have a number of "settlements" in my game, made up of buildings and props from 3D Forge - I'm sure you're familiar with these, as some of them are included as samples in Gaia. There are a lot of shared materials and structures, so I'm hoping there are a good candidate for optimization.


In general, the buildings in these settlements are "static". However, I have added component functionality to prefab variants of these buildings that allow players to open and close doors, as well as turn on and off lights and candles. So, some child objects are not static.


I was wondering if running Scene Optimizer on these settlements will have any impact on this dynamic functionality?


I know I could just do it and see, but I'm very nervous of breaking my now tuned and working game!!


Many thanks for your thoughts!




Unity 2021.3.9 LTS (HDRP 12.1.7)

Gaia Pro 2021 3.3.0

GeNa Pro 3.3.21

HDRP Time of Day 1.1.0

Scene Optimizer 1.0.9

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This shouldn't be an issue no. 
In your use case I would add another Optimization Command in the Scene Optimizer main window. 

Call it something like Dynamic Objects. 

Next you would want to disable the "isStatic" box. 
Then adjust the rest of the settings according to your needs. 


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