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I have 4 terrains and one will not create a valid Control0 splatalpha map


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As I mentioned above. 3 of the terrains look great, but one will not render properly because of the Control0 texture that is not being created/recreated properly. I have deleted that terrains GTS data folder several times, but it always regenerates the texture incorrectly (looking the same everytime).


Any ideas?


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Hi @h2hjastermereel,

If you:

  1. Apply the GTS Profile
  2. Select the terrain that is affected
  3. Use the terrain painting tool to just paint a tiny spot of any layer on that terrain
  4. Before saving the scene - does the issue appear, or does it only occur after saving?
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Will have to wait to see if the issue resurfaces on my next map. Basically what did as a work around was to recreate the splat maps over and over (I moved from 4 large terrains to 64 small ones) keeping the good splat maps until I had a complete set. Not ideal but better than nothing. Will keep you posted.

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  • 4 weeks later...

OK this keeps happening.


1. I did apply the profile and tried again and again, however once the bad (all black) splatmaps are created that's it.

2. & 3. I can paint a small dot, not sure what this proves.

4. Yes, I assume saving creates the control0 and control1 splatmaps....


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This is not a GTS issue.


To fix:

  • Select the biome and select ONLY the texture spawner.
  • Rerun the spawner
  • Now add in the GTS effects you want.


If you still have black scene terrains (after doing a save as this seems to cause the issue) then select only those and make sure your spawner is set to local and re run (and save) repeat until all look OK.


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