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Loading an entirely different world/scene at runtime


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I want to switch between completely different gaia worlds and use the gaia runtime tools.  But I cannot seem to find how to set things up for this.  I can manage setting up the scene loading when I'm managing a large terrain but this is like a "fade to black" now you've walked through a portal from the desert to the jungle sorta deal.  I prefer to have my cameras, key game controllers, and player in a persistent scene and then have the different "world" scenes load in underneath.  I can't seem to figure out the correct order of operations or the right spots to capture the player and camera from a different scene in the gaia runtime scripts for lighting, weather, and audio.  All of which I would love to use.


This feels like I have to just be missing a setting or some piece of documentation that walks through how to set this up but my digging has been unsuccessful.  For reference I'm in Unity URP using Gaia Pro 2021

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If you are moving from one scene to another (without using the world streaming) but actually one scene to another, you would want to use something like Async Loading from Unity. 

We do not handle loading from one scene to another unless you are using the Gaia World Streaming (multi-terrain loading). 

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