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Video series using Pegasus for camera control and animations


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I've been using Pegasus since its release and have never regretted it!

All of our videos have extensive use of Pegasus for camera control as well as creature control for movement.

I hope you enjoy them!

We create Virtual Experiences to try to bring a little beauty and happiness into this chaotic world.

I create the scenes and my wife Teresa, creates the music. Together we try to blend the feelings of both our arts into an immersive audio and visual experience. 

Our first was call By the Brook, it was created to represent a national park we visit which has a magical feel and a beautiful stream passing through it.

The music was created first, and then I created the scene, and the more I made, the more my wife added to the music. As we got going, we did not want it to end. So here is the final version.

We hope you enjoy it.

Pegasus was used for the camera, crow, and eagle.


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With the amount of enjoyment in making By the Brook and the responses and encouragement we received from the Unity community, we began our second video. A series of which there are now 4 videos. We made these to bring some visual beauty, joy, thought provoking exploration, and laughter at times to the viewer.

These are the Apollo's Dream series. I began experimenting with different techniques and assets. Procedural Worlds' products were brought in more heavily to include not only Pegasus, but also Gaia and GeNa. I hope you enjoy them.


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A while back, I decided to make a present for my wife for her birthday. This was my first video, which was a secret Easter Egg in a game for her to stumble upon when she found an old empty house with only a grand piano in it. When you get in front of the piano it triggers this video. The piece of music was a self portrait that she had composed. I spent weeks lining up the cameras with around 30 Pegasus cameras. Setting the timing of each to go with the music. I was still very new with Unity, having transferred my landscape art from Vue 9, but it was far to slow to do video. Finding Gaia gave me the option of creating landscapes which I can actually walk through. And with Pegasus, I could now create a video to share the experience with others.

The game was unfinished by the time I needed the birthday present, so I made a build with only the easter egg. As you find the house, it transforms into a concert hall, with an audience of animals. This delighted my wife more than my greatest expectations. I did not have any recording assets at the time, and was still very new with Unity, so the final build was my only way of doing this. After we started making the Apollo's Dream series, we wanted to share this little gem of our early days. 🙂 I had to use a OBS Studio to do a screen record in order to bring this back, due to many of my old Unity files have been lost.

So here it is, my first video created in Unity, a secret collaboration of my art and my wife Teresa's music.

I hope you enjoy it!



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Amazing work. 

Your work has been incredible. Watching your first video until now I can see you have been growing in your development! 
The music composition is really top notch as well! 

Well done! 

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Is there a difference what I can do with Pegasus and Unity Cinemachine? I'm a newbie and I'm looking for the best solution. 

Also it looks like that Pegasus is not longer in development - is it perfect or not up-to-date? Last update was 4 years ago.

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On 2/25/2023 at 2:55 PM, FrankReiser said:

Also it looks like that Pegasus is not longer in development - is it perfect or not up-to-date? Last update was 4 years ago.

I still actively use Pegasus in all of my projects. 
We do have plans for an upgraded Pegasus in the future, but not sure when we will do this. 
I use Pegasus for things like; In-game trailers, cutscenes, and flythroughs. 
Honestly, I have not used Cinemachine, as I only use Pegasus because it does all the things I need it to. 
So I cant really talk about the differences. 

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Latest video, Pegasus is used for the camera work - as usual. 🙂

Very easy to use and track for making the scene match the music or the music match the scene by using the time readouts for each point in the patch.



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Thanks Bryan. Getting more into Gaia Pro 2021 again and GeNa Pro. Working on an exploration game to keep the same feel as our videos. If Only video is the swamp area of this project. The goal as always is to relax and have fun, and hopefully no stress. 🙂

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