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GeNA Road Building feedback

Mike Wuetherick
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Started playing around with the GeNA road building functionality - it's pretty cool, however there are some pretty big limitations:


1) it doesn't seem to play nice with just making 90' corners - I'm working on a city layout and in order to create a simple 90 degree corner you add a few points, and then spend however long trying to adjust the tangents because it is assuming that everything is a nice curvy spline. The mesh in the end basically explodes and doesn't work.  IS there any way to force a node to behave like an intersection for a corner?



2) You can adjust spawners / road width etc for the spline, but it affects the entire spline - which doesn't allow you to create realistic roads with different lanes, variability of the edge objects etc. 


3) I tried to work around point #1 and #2 by adding more than one road spline to my scene, which 'works' but the roads splines are completely unaware of each other, so I can't make an intersection from one node in a spline to another node in another spline...


4) There is no way to just 'run all extensions' for your road spline - you have to click on each and every one of them one by one?


5) Need a way to 'disconnect' 2 nodes without breaking / blowing out all of the tangents for the other connected nodes some way.


All of the above makes it pretty clunky to work with.


I'd highly suggest checking out CiDY's road system for a better way of handling the above


1) Feels like every spline segment should be treated independently when it comes to road width etc.  this would allow you to create roads / paths that can be variable in width depending on the segment


2) for a larger road system (like a city) point #1 becomes critical - I'm trying to do a layout ala the screenshot below, where some roads are supposed to be 6 lane 'main roads' and some are residential / side roads etc. With GeNA's roads currently the entire city has to have the exact same width / lane structure







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WIthout adding at least a dead end in that sharp corner, there is currently no way to mark it as an intersection.

Being able to get different road widths is available from code, but not from the spline editor, currently. I hope to be able to proivde that for roads once a few changes a made to the editor code.

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