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Errors after project update to URP


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Hi @Clyde, @Isaac


As advised on discord, i have created this post for my issue.


I have udated my project from Built-In to URP and I keep gettin these errors:



Besides the errors I also get various warnings from Gaia, as you can see. My project contains the following PW tools:

Gaia Pro 2021


Ambient Sounds



And some other tools like The Vegetation Engine, Vegetation Studio.


And I also plan to add GTS.


Also, not sure if URP related but, if I try from Gaia to generate Global Scene Light Probes, I get this error:



Is there somethin I am missing?


Thank you!!





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6 minutes ago, MeHigh said:

Yes, it is an RTX 2070 Super


Okay, we will continue to try to reproduce what you are seeing.

Are you using GeNa Pro v3.3.20?

What version of Unity?
Have you tried creating a river in a clean URP project? 

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I have the latest available version of GeNa available on the asset store.

As for unity version I am using 2021.3.7f1 LTS.

I have not tried to create a river in a clean Project, I will do this tomorrow. 😁

Thank you for prompt responses!

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Does your project settings have an assigned pipeline asset in both the Quality section and the Graphics Settings?




When updating, did you go through the Gaia Upgrade process:


And also click 'Perform Maintainence' in the Gena Manager?


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@Isaac, yes, it has the URP asset assigned:





I have also performed now GeNa Maintenance and created again a river, and I still get the error:



Should I perform a maintenance also to Gaia?

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@Manny, thanks for notifying me. I have updated to the latest version, and looks like the issue still occurs. I have tried to update for example foam slope strength and the issue pops as soon as the update is done!



I have performed GeNa maintenance and created also a new river profile.


Thank you!


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