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I created a multi terrain/scene custom world. When I go into play mode my player camera is fixed in place looking at the sky box and I can’t move. It seems none of the terrains/scenes have loaded as they are all disabled in the hierarchy. I can’t figure out how to get past this point so I can walk on the terrains and see how the streaming feature works. please advise. 

using Gaia pro 2021 

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Hi @Italo, do you use your own character / camera or one of the ones included with Gaia? When you use your own character, it would need to have the Terrain Loader component on it to load terrains during runtime. You can read more about the Terrain Loader component in the documentation for Terrain Loading:


Do you see any error messages in the console when the scene starts?


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Hi Peter, I’m using the Gaia first person controller. I’m getting errors related to the terrains not being included in the build. I since added my main scene to the build manager and went through converting the terrains to imposters and adding colliders. This cleared the errors but I still have a floating character way above the terrain.


I also noticed that when I created the stamps my water level was set where I needed it, to have an island with beaches. Currently the water level is way above my terrains. I can move the water prefab down, but it makes no difference with my ability to load into play mode. 

I’ll attach a screen shot when I load up the project tonight. Thanks!

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Hi @Italo if you load up the project again, please make sure that the Player has a Terrain Loader component on it - If the loading range on that component is set up large enough so that it "touches" the unloaded terrains, they should load in during runtime. Since you mentioned the player is "way above" the terrain, could it be that it is so high that it is out of the loading range?
You mentioned you added your main scene to the build settings, did you add the individual terrain scene as well? You can do so from the Terrain Loader manager:


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