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Gaia Planar Reflection is disabling volume in camera


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Hi, I don't know if I'm doing anything wrong, when I generate a Runtime terrain, it generates the water and it's effects.
One of then, the Gaia Planar Reflection is disabling my Post Process Effects, it happens even with the standard built-in Post Effects.




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Hi @wborgo, I looked at this issue and it was a bit of a headscratcher as I could not reproduce it at first, but I think I got an idea what might be causing this:

Could it be that you have post processing disabled under Gaia Lighting > Global Settings here:


When it is disabled here, Gaia will also turn off post processing on the camera directly. You can then later still manually enable it on the camera, but whenever Gaia will re-apply its settings to the scene it can turn it off again.

I assume what happens is that somewhere inside the Planar Reflections a refresh of the lighting settings is triggered which then flicks off the Post Processing setting on the camera.

If you have that setting disabled, can you please enable it and instead then turn off the Post Processing Volume that Gaia generates instead? This would still allow you to run your own Post Processing Volume without Gaia switching off Post Processing on the camera.


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Thank you for the reply.
I have checked this before. I uploaded a video to show more details.
Unfortunelly I can't share the project, it have more than 40GB already.


But, the planar reflection is not required now, and I have some other shaders to archive this if I need it later, so, don't worry.

There some warnings in the console, but I don't know if it is related to this issue, I attached the printscreen.

Anyway, I uploaded a video if you are interested.




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Hi @wborgo, thanks for providing us with the video, it was very helpful to see the state of the involved components when the issue is occurring. I can see in the video that neither the post processing on the camera, nor the volume seem to be deactivated. Also since you have the "Enable Post Processing" setting active, my original theory does not explain the issue.
Together with the warnings that you posted I'm leaning now a bit more towards there is some constellation at play here that "breaks" the post processing in the game view when the planar reflections are enabled. Planar reflections are rendered by an additional invisible camera in the scene, it looks like you are using an additional GUI camera as well. There are a lot of threads on the unity forum describing issues with URP post processing on multiple cameras, this one here gives a good overview and has a collection of links in in the initial posting:
While I found that none of those 100% apply to your situation, I could imagine that there is something happening that disturbs post processing on your main camera when the additional (invisible) camera for the planar reflections is being added to the scene. I'm sorry for not giving a more conclusive answer, but I hope there is something you can pick up from this to further analyze the problem.

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