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Gaia feels bloated


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I've used Gaia to generate my terrains and it looks really good, really happy with it. I'm also using the Multi terrain tools for terrain loading etc however there are a bunch of things I don't want to use (Photo mode, weather system, flora etc etc) but if I try to delete something from (for example) the flora system then I get errors in photo mode, and then that gives me errors in GaiaAPI and it just keeps going like that. Is there any way to get rid of all these features I don't want and just keep the core of terrain generation and the terrain loading?

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If you dont want to use certain systems you would want to go into the Gaia manager and set those systems to none. 
Flora you would want to go to Window - Procedural worlds - flora - open the manager and remove flora from the scene. 
Photo mode - is tied into the player. You should if I remember correctly use custom player and then tie into that. 
Lighting TOD and Weather are connected. However, you can click on weather and disable weather effects. 
Hopefully this helps! 


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Hi Bryan!

Thanks for your reply.
What I meant in my original post was more aimed at "How can I delete these files without breaking everything"
I've actually tried following this guide 

 but it's just throwing errors at me, all related to it not finding urp namespaces and other namespaces of things the original post said could be deleted



I recently switched back to BIRP and everything is fine except for these errors now unfortunately.

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Those errors looks like they are needing to be in the scene. 
Have you already set everything to none? 

What you can do that most people do, is create a separate project and add Gaia in. 
Then use Gaia to create the terrain and export that terrain to your main game project. 

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Sorry for the late reply didn't see I had a notification.
The issue with that is that I do want to use the terrain loading feature, but I can't have just that feature without having all these dependencies on the other features. It's fine though it's just a limitation I'll have to deal with

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