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Gaia and Quest VR Optimization

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My main development focus (attempt?) is realistic nature environments aimed at the Quest. I was wondering if Bakery and Mesh Baker are compatible with the Gaia/Gena ecosystem and would provide the prophesied optimization they preach?

Mesh Baker


NB.: I also own PW Scene Optimizer and GTS.

Cheers, Dan

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Hi @DanButsu, Gaia creates unity standard terrain as output, the two assets should operate on a Gaia made scene the same way as if you sculpted an unity terrain manually.
Regarding to the performance questions, that is difficult for us to answer in a blanket statement especially since we do not develop those tools ourselves. What I can offer are a few thoughts on this:

  • When you are doing light baking, it would be important to decide what you want and can bake into a lightmap - if you have fixed lighting and a lot of static objects then I would expect performance to improve. 
  • Mesh baking / combining works best if you have a lot of individual static objects using the same (combination of) materials so that they can be grouped up, and drawn "in one go" instead of drawing each object individually. The unity terrain object is not a mesh in the traditional sense and can usually not be baked. So your performance improvement would mostly depend on the objects on the terrain, similar to scene optimizer.
    For example if your terrain had a ton of the same rock models displayed on it, all sharing the same material, that should bring quite the improvements as the rocks will not be drawn one by one anymore but as a few larger objects instead.

With both assets it is not a "guaranteed one click optimization" but you would need to explore what the implications &  improvements are for your project.


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Hi Peter,

Thanks for all the info. I will take it to heart as I test the 3rd party assets. Developing in general, and especially for Quest, is indeed a moving target.

Take care, Dan

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