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Update: Gaia Pro 2021 v3.3.0


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We released an update for Gaia Pro 2021. This update contains an overhauled version of the Terrain Mesh Exporter (now called Terrain Converter) and fixes from support feedback. You can find more information about what the Terrain Converter can do in this library article:


The update is available for our Canopy Pro subscribers or on the Unity Asset Store.
You can find the download on Canopy here:

Gaia Pro 2021 downolad

Change Log:

Gaia Pro 2021 v 3.3.0

This version can be installed directly over the previous Gaia version 3.2.6

  • Complete overhaul of the Terrain Mesh Exporter - this tool now has improved UI and runs in a coroutine instead of a continuous process. This greatly increases stability when doing exports of larger worlds. It is now also possible to process only a certain selection of terrains.
  • Added better support for Nature Renderer terrain details with multiple LODs
  • Added linux code fixes from user feedback
  • Improved the layer setup for the synty sample assets
  • Reduced directionality in rain VFX shader (rain effect more visible overall)
  • Changed the Flora Keybind to Ctrl + W to avoid conflicts on Mac OS
  • Fixed an issue where Terrain Loader would not recognize the end of script compilation
  • Various smaller fixes


About Gaia Pro 2021:

Gaia Pro 2021 is a powerful, all in one world generation, optimization and streaming system that creates stunning mobile, vr, console and desktop landscapes and scenes that run well and look great in minutes.




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