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Unity Crashes When I Tell The Stamper To Stamp Trees


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For some reason whenever I tell the Apline Meadow Biome to spawn trees, unity freezes until it crashes bellow are the settings I'm using 


and this is what it shows before crashing 


Is there some setting I've got wrong?

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Generally I do not think you are doing anything wrong - is this still your scene with the helicopter? That was using terrain loading, so it should be no problem to spawn the trees, those terrains should be processed one after another.
Do you see any error messages in the console? What seems unusual is that the message says it is still at step 0 of the spawning process.... meaning it has not even started to spawn the trees yet it seems. If an error message is constantly spammed to the console while it is stuck it can crash the unity editor after a while.
Another thing to check would be the Unity Editor Logfile after the crash, the last few lines in the logfile can give an indication what is going wrong before the crash.

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I never get crashes spawning trees.

Following on from Peter's comment. Install only Gaia in a new project, and try and spawn say a 2km terrain. There could be a dependency in your project that's causing the issues.

As Gaia spawn is a GPU dependent process you may also be running into this

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You also mention in your Discord that you have a 16km terrain.

You should NEVER have a 16km terrain, and if that is the case, then chances are your machine is just running out of resources. Unity literally can not deal with it - and it would be worse if you are making 32bit builds.

You should have at max, 1km sq, and then tile them and use streaming.

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19 minutes ago, namusanga said:

Yeah @Adam it's not one 16km terrain, each terrain is 256m so we're using streaming to load them in.

check your task manager and see how much memory you are using..  any time I make larger worlds.. in the editor, it will be slower, (unless you have the memory to handle it. but if you have only 16 gb, you are running out, I bet..  or at a high % of usage. ( for larger maps with alot of GO's I recommend 32 GB min.


but give your task manager a check and see how much, as GAIA is loading as well with Unity. Unity alone will eat up a bit. Unity is a bit heavy on the editor. when loading alot of resources. 


Last check your crash log, see what info is on the log.  ( I bet its running low or out of memory.)

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@Recon Yeah, we also had a feeling it might be the resources that a running out despite the fact that we are using terrain streaming. So what I have been doing for now instead is spawning on small parts of the terrain at a time.

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