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Welcome to You Ask for it, We make it!

One of the things that I think is especially interesting about our Pro and Studio subscriptions is that you will get to request what you want next... perhaps it will be something like a Game Ready Level in the style of Genshin Impact, or perhaps it will be a new integration with a popular asset pack or game template, what we make will be driven by you our community... and when we have made it, you will all get to use it.

Game Ready Level.jpg
(example of a professional game ready level that we made for one of our clients)

We plan to keep these broken down into bite sized packs that will be delivered every few weeks, so there will always be something new and interesting to play with, and the body of content will grow over time, so the more you subscribe, the more you get access to! Some examples of what we will be making include new stamp packs, game templates, ready to go levels, learning deep dives and lots more.

We hope that you will enjoy this new community and what we are offering, as much as we will enjoy bringing it to you!

Making games is the game!

Warm regards,
Adam - Founder.

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