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My gaia player in Gaia Runtime does not move until I press the Esc key


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Hi there,
I have a problem with all the controllers available in Gaia Player in Gaia Runtime (first and third person as well as Flying Camera). Indeed, when I launch game, I cannot perform any movement related to the keyboard key until I press the Esc key on my keyboard. Once I hit the escape key everything works fine. I would like to point out that the inputs linked to the mouse work immediately. Only the arrow keys don't work.
The problem is that I'm trying to use Pegasus with the Flying Camera and it doesn't initiate any movement until I press the Esc key...
I checked the input system leaving the old one or choosing "Both" but no change.
The game is intended for mobile so I changed the build for PC or mobile by checking that the Inputs in Edit > Project setting were activated.
I don't have any error message either.
Do you have a solution please? I prefer to check with you if there is something that escaped me before embarking on the programming of a custom Player and camera.
Thank you in advance for all the attention you will give to my request.

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Are you trying to use pegasus in a build? 
Sorry just want to make sure as this is what it sounds like. 

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I'm sorry, my English is awful, I'm not sure I understood your question correctly.
I want to develop a mobile game and I wanted to make a presentation scene that would rotate behind a Canvas with the title and a start button. the stage terrain was made with Gaia pro and Gena. I went the camera route with Pegasus by assigning it the Gaia Runtime camera (flying camera).
I don't want to use Pegasus in the game for character movement, camera in game or other. Only for cutscenes. The problem is that at the start of the scene nothing happens unless I press the escape key. If I delay pressing the camera catches up with its position in timescale.

Before being able to use pegasus Capture Reticule, I also had to press the escape key once before being able to move the camera and make my pathpoints.
The rotation of the camera by the mouse works as soon as I launch the game so I thought it was a build problem because I was on android but the problem is the same on pc.

Since I have to launch the pause menu with the Esc key, could the problem come from GAIA UI?


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19 hours ago, ricroc06 said:

The rotation of the camera by the mouse works as soon as I launch the game so I thought it was a build problem because I was on android but the problem is the same on pc.

Sorry I will ask a bit better. Are you building the game and then trying to use Pegasus in the actual build in the game. 
Please note this is different from pressing the play / runtime button at the top of the editor? 

Can you please send me a screen shot of your Pegasus in the editor? 

Normally, I enable the Fly cam through the Gaia payer. 
Then I create my Pegasus. From there I would assign the Gaia Fly cam to my Pegasus and then press play. 
You will have the Gaia UI regarding the fly cam but you can either deactivate this in the hierarchy or press the U key. 

Then you should be able to start pressing the P key. 
From there you would need to get back out of play mode and click create Pegasus. 

I would watch this tutorial: 

Also the documentation should be in the asset as well. 

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Ok so I actually already created the basis of my game which will be a kind of TopDown so the camera to create did not adapt for Pegasus also I wanted to use the flying camera of Gaia player since it is already available.
once my scene was built (terrain, scenery and player with flying camera via gaia and gena) I did a test in play mode with the Gaia player to browse the scene.
This is where I encountered the problem. direction via mouse is ok but movement via keys does not work until I press escape.
Once pressed I was able to test my ground. I did the same to make my way to the camera with Pegasus (so pressed escape after going into play mode) and I encountered no difficulty other than that.
But when I restarted play mode to see the result, the problem reappeared so that as long as I didn't press escape nothing happened and once done the camera moved to the position it should be on. the timeline.
I therefore think that the problem does not come from Pegasus also I will send you the screen shots of different objects in addition to those of Pegasusspacer.pngspacer.pngspacer.pngspacer.pngspacer.png

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