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Update: Gaia 2023 v4.0.7


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We released an update for Gaia 2023. This update contains a fix for compile errors in HDRP under the latest LTS releases and additional smaller fixes from support feedback.

The update is available for our Canopy Pro subscribers or on the Unity Asset Store.
You can find the download on Canopy here:

Gaia 2023 downlad

Change Log:

Gaia 2023 v 4.0.7

  • Fixed compile errors due to the irregular removal of the "numberOfBounces" HDRP sky property in the latest Unity 2022.3 LTS releases
  • Removed "additional HD" camera component from the flycam prefab as it would display as "missing component" in other pipelines
  • Fixed a bug where the depth ramp texture of the Gaia water would reset after customizing it
  • Fixed a layout issue when setting up a tree collision mask without tree spawners in the scene
  • Fixed issues with the HDRP water setup where the water would not appear or the scene would not save the added water

About Gaia 2023:

Gaia makes it easy and fast to create beautiful worlds for console, desktop, mobile & VR. The 2023 release offers more control, flexibility, and support for the latest Unity features, along with a new and streamlined install.

Gaia simplifies terraforming, texturing, and placement for stylized to photorealistic worlds. Gaia makes generating detailed scenes and levels easy and fast, eliminating weeks of manual work.

Need even more terrain creation power? Please take a look at Gaia Pro 2023.


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