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CiDy 2 Integrated with All Versions of GAIA


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GAIA's Beautiful Procedural Environments combined with CiDy 2's Procedural Urban Environments are Fully Integrated.

CiDy 2 Automatically Generates Mask Textures and Updates the GAIA Biome Controller for you.

Removing the Need for Manually Creating and Adding Texture Masks to GAIA for your Urban Road Layouts.

Combine this with the Simple Traffic System(STS) or Mobile Traffic System (Gley Games) and have an Instant Feeling of Life with Active Traffic and Automated Traffic Lanes and Functioning Traffic Lights.

Video Showcasing GAIA Environment, CiDy 2 Urban Layout and STS (Simple Traffic System) in only a 30 Min Session.

The Power of Creation at your Finger Tips.

CiDy 2 Asset Store Link




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CiDy is very cool indeed. It can be a little "temperamental" if you don't do things "just right" and frankly some of the UX choices are just bonkers. However, I do love it. The author is working on a new version that promises to address many of the issues I have with it (just realized the original post is from the publisher, Hi Reckless Games!). The first video below doesn't use Gaia, but the second two do.


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Very Interesting. Getting real world terrain and the roads and buildings are what I have been looking for. I will keep an eye on this.



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