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Terrain Scene Empty After Unity Crash

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I'm building an environment with multiple terrain tiles. Unity stopped responding while I was editing some things in the scene that were unrelated to terrain so I shut it down and restarted. After reloading, the scene containing the terrain information for that tile is completely empty. All the other tiles are unaffected. The tile seems to load correctly but there's nothing in it.

Nothing was deleted, there must be a way to restore this... right?spacer.png

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The first thing that I would check is your session. 
Should be the last session created in the Gaia User Data - Sessions. 
Then look for the terrain data and terrain scenes. 


You can then check in the entries of the Terrain Scenes file in your session folder if it has entries for those missing terrains as well:


If the terrain scene files & data files are there, and if they are referenced in that "TerrainScenes" file, they should be loadable & unloadable from the Terrain Loader Manager and the Terrain Loader component.

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Thanks! I was able to recover the terrain and vegetation and rebake the roads so at least that part is more or less back to what it was. Unfortunately, I'm afraid all the elements I had added to that scene--buildings, props, and much more--are just gone. I had an old backup that I used to re-populate the scene and restore it to what it was a while ago so not everything was lost, thankfully. I should be back to where I was in a week or so. 

I still don't understand what happened and why the scene was wiped... I'll need to do daily backups from now on.

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During the Unity crash it could have been compiling the terrain which would have caused the Terrains to go missing. 
I would recommend save and save often. 
Glad it was able to get recovered! 

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