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Gaia Water on URP and VR


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Hi! Unity 2020.3.32, URP 10.8 and Gaia Pro 2021.

We configured the XR plugin, on Single Pass Instanced.

We´re setting up a simple scene with Gaia. Once inserted the VR rig, and play, we noticed the ocean water is being rendered just on one eye.

Any hint on this issue? Is the water shader compatible with this configuration?

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We are already investigating a fix for this. 
Multi-pass would be the way to go but we do understand not everyone can use multi-pass we are working on an alternative solution. 


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I understand the situation! As you said, may VR use cases (where performance is a must) requires Single pass.

We´re using a different water by now, till a fix can be implemented.



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Bryan, I'd love to know when you find a solution to this. We're running multipass in VR and here is what happens:

  1. Quest 2 is connected via USB C, press play to test (Scene play-test functions as expected)
  2. In headset, no ocean is shown, but in the Unity [game] view on the PC I can see the water
  3. In headset, if I go under the water, the left eye goes gray simulating the surface of the water (above me because I'm under the water), the right eye shows no water (same view as from above)
  4. The shader appears to be working as the seaweed moves with the waves and I can see some highlights on the seaweed (but maybe it's moving from the wind?)
  5.  It also seems that I'm moving slower when under water which means that controller script is running properly (or some such).


Thanks for the help.

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@BryanSo the ocean in Gaia Pro isn't compatible with VR?


If so, do you have any recommendations for other URP assets I could use to replace the Gaia ocean? If there isn't one you recommend, I'd like to know the process of replacing it so I can experiment.

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On 12/16/2022 at 9:13 AM, Bryan said:

We are working on this right now. 

Hi Bryan, 

sorry to necro an old thread, but Im wondering if you finished working on VR-friendly water? Or if there is a workaround. Im on Mobile VR / Quest2.



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 I'm running my current project with Gaia Pro 2023 through Steam VR on a Quest 2. I'm using URP. I'm seeing a flickering effect when I rotate my head. This effect is most noticeable when looking upward. It almost looks like rotating my head upward temporarily sets the sea level lower. After a frame or two, the ocean returns to its original height until I look up again. Any tips? 

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A bit of extra info. When using single-pass, I'm getting the behaviour I mention above. When I use multi-pass, I'm getting the above behaviour in the left eye. In the right eye, it seems like the rotation of my head permanently affects the height of the water. 


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For anyone else who might encounter this issue: I was using Unity 2023 beta at the time I think. I recently switched to 2022 LTS, and water works fine now.

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We pushed an update and added the water. 
Sorry forgot to mention this or might have been when I was in the hospital. 
There was an issue that required the old Gaia XR Package to be installed but because of how we have changed things it wouldn't show up now as it should. 


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