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Spline Clear Detail extension doesn't seem to clear grass on border of terrain tile


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I have a scene with multiple terrain tiles and the Clear Details extension works well enough to clear grass away from the splines but it seems to leave some grass at the edges of the tiles.


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Played with the width and the shoulder settings, neither seem to help.  Note that in the screen shot, the spline goes almost perpendicular to the tile edge and the grass is right over the trail, not on the shoulder.

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I will look into this, normally GeNa Pro does work with Multi-terrain so that shouldn't be an issue. 

Can you please tell me what Gena Pro version and Unity version you are using? 

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Gena Pro version 3.5.5 and Unity 2022.3.4f1 (though I updated to 2022.3.19f1 and it still behaves the same)

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Hey @smileywiley,

Thanks for letting us know about the issue with grass sticking around at the edges of your terrain tiles in GeNa Pro. We're here to help and want to get to the bottom of this as smoothly as possible. Could you help us out with a bit more info?

  1. About the grass that's not clearing up at the edges – are we looking at Terrain Trees or GameObjects in the screenshot you sent over? This will help us figure out what's going on.
  2. How are your terrains set up? Are they in separate scenes or all in one? This bit of detail will help us replicate your setup on our end.
  3. Have you tried making a new road spline and clearing the details again to see if the grass still shows up at the edges? Knowing if the issue repeats itself can really point us in the right direction.
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I'm using the Nature - Spawner Pack for "POLYGON Nature"

1. Looks like Terrain Detail

2. All separate scenes

3. I have tried several times.  Here is a screen shot of a new attempt uphill from the original trail. 


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