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Gaia 2021 Non-interactable Trees

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I just purchased

Gaia 2021 v 3.2.6
GeNa Pro 3.3.20

in Unity Asset store, and I face several issues.

I wonder if I am not allowed to ask for a support here once I don't separately subscribe here in this Canopy website?

If that is the case, please suggest me an alternative to resolve this issue.


My first intention was to interact with trees.

I am just trying with Gaia default 3rd-person player and the offered trees (PW_Tree_Spruce_05).

I find that the player has both collider and rigid body, while the trees has collider.

Then, I am supposed to be able to detect the collision with OnCollisionEnter() method.

Since it doesn't I instead tried Physics.OverlapSphere() to detect if trees exist

in a certain radius from the player, but it also doesn't detect the existence of the trees.

This is very discouraging. I also wanted to locate the transform of trees in the editor,

but it seems that Gaia adds trees in a fancy way such that I cannot find them in the editor?

Weirdly, also "Clear Spawns Now" button cannot clear the trees. It feels absolutely defective.

How can I resolve these issues?


Thanks in advance for the suggestions.


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For "Weirdly, also "Clear Spawns Now" button cannot clear the trees. It feels absolutely defective.",

I probably did not check which spawns to clear, so please forget about this part.

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Hi @OrdemDevOps, you have come to the right place to ask for support questions, a subscription is not necessary. Note that you can register one of your purchases in the "Register your Assets" box to the right to add yourself to the "Customers" group - this grants you access to Free Bonus Downloads for Gaia and GeNa:

Regarding your issue:

Please note that Gaia makes use of the default unity terrain system. The Trees that are spawned by Gaia use the Unity Terrain Trees system - this is meant for mass placement of tree-like objects on the terrain. The quirks you experienced like trees not being selectable as individual objects in the editor are caused by the trees being "Unity Terrain Trees" rather than individual objects.
The terrain tree system simplifies the tree objects for performance - it e.g. removes scripts, only allows primitive colliders and bakes all those colliders together with the terrain collider into one single large collision mesh, this most likely caused the issues with collision detection that you experienced. It is possible to make trees interactive and e.g. detect which tree you hit while using the terrain tree system, but it usually requires you to use various workarounds.
The alternative to using the terrain tree system is to spawn the trees as game objects instead. The trees then remain individual objects that can be selected individually and should be easier to handle in collision detection. To do so, you would need to edit the resource settings in the spawner and switch the resource type to "Game Object" instead of "Terrain Tree" and assign the same tree prefab as before. 
With Trees as individual Game Objects interactivity is a bit easier, because Game Objects would have their own collider, and you can also have scripts running on them, but in return they will perform a bit worse than the terrain trees in rendering.

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