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Road Spline Texture difficulties

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I have created a path using the "Road Spline" so far it works great 🙂 but my problem is when the character walks on the path the texture disappears partially (the closer you get) as soon as you move away again you see the complete path again how can I fix this?


Another small question would be I would like to use the spawners from the flooded grounds. In the readme in the folder "Content Packs" it says that you have to make sure that you have the required assets and installed unfortunately it does not say which assets it is. therefore the question which assets do I have to get so that the spawners of Flooded Ground objects spawn?

thanks for the help
greetings Dextex



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Have you performed a carve on the spline to flatten the terrain where the spline is? You can use or add the carve extension to the spline, configure it for how you want the carve to look then press carve and it will flatten the terrain where the spline is. 


Here is the asset pack you need to install to use the flooded grounds spawner pack https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/3d/environments/flooded-grounds-48529



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2 hours ago, Dextex said:


nice thank you for the link 🙂


yes i have use the carve function maybe i musst play more with the settings im not sure

If it is still an issue you can enable snap mesh to terrain and this should conform the road mesh to the terrain no matter what.





Of course had i did a carve also the terrain wont poke through the road mesh. But this should help a bit more.

Also the shader has a terrain LOD offset that will offset the road mesh from the terrain if you're using aggressive terrain lodding. This can be found on the road extension and road profile at the bottom in the inspector.

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Another parameter you can look at is the "Ground Offset" value in the road profile, if that is available in your rendering pipeline. This value controls how much the created road is pushed down towards the terrain when it is being rendered, to hide the fact that it is an independent mesh.
The problem is that the slider range might not be large enough to fix it for the road for roads with reduced width, we will extend that in the future. What you can do now as a workaround is to open the material on the spline, and then set the parameter for "InGroundPush" to a higher value. You would need to be careful when opening the road profile again, since this would then override the value again due to the slider being limited to 1 as max value.

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i tried all the solutions the "inGroundPush" was at -0.125 when i set it to 0 everything looks like it should thanks a lot both of you 

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