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How to export FULL terrain as ONE OBJ or FBX WITH baked textures, lights & mats?


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Hi! So being new to Gaia Pro, I would like to know how to export my full terrain as ONE single OBJ OR FBX file with all baked textures lights, mats & objects on the terrain as one OBJ or FBX. I would like to be able to edit my mesh with all its details still intact.


Thank you!

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I have not done this for a very long time so I need to look. 
We do have the terrain mesh exporter that will export OBJ files. 


You will need to create a package for the terrain layers, and terrain data for the trees. 
You will also need to create a package for any textures you are using and vegetation as well. 

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@BryanHow would I do this package stuff? It just needs to be an OBJ and / or FBX file with all details intact in order to open it in Blender / Meshlab, etc...

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If you were taking it into Blender it should go like this: 

1. Use the Gaia Pro Terrain Mesh Exporter. 
- This will create your obj and put it in your exports folder. 
Then you would want to right click and export. 

This will create your Unity package that you can drag into blender (if I remember correctly). 
If not you might be able to right click on the (newly created export) and click show in explorer. 
Then you would be able to copy that or drag that into blender and import it. 

You will need to do the same things for the vegetation and textures. 
Otherwise they will not show up in blender. 

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You should be able to just show in explorer and copy the file and the .meta file for the assets and drag them into blender. 
There was a way to use Unity packages (been a long time since I have had to use blender) but right click in the assets folder and it will say export. 

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Can you advise on how to export a full terrain environment as a prefab to be imported into a new unity project? The goal is to design and fine tune everything in a creation project, and then export only the terrain, textures, vegetation, post processing, lighting, skies, water, weather, etc.  without taking any of the bloat form the default package installs into a clean project. I want to keep the main game build size a lean as possible. Thanks!

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On 2022/8/14 at AM9点28分, RightAndExactStudios said:


Have you solved this problem

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On 8/14/2022 at 2:11 PM, Bryan said:

This should help, as I have already written an article about this here: 


The article is not enough to understand how to do it, can someone please make a short video tutorial showing the process? I think this would eliminate all these types of questions if people could see how it's done and can follow along.  I tried exporting the user session data and it just doesn't export everything. The best result I could get was just the terrain itself with no textures or vegetation. No idea how to export those if it has to be done separately.


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