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First thing first - OMG.

I checked out all tutorials and read the whole documentation. It's amazing what I can do with Gaia, Gena and the other tools.

Well I bougth R.A.M, some of there other content and CREST and I saw that it's also use in the last Gaia Promo. If I take a look at the actual quality of Gaia on it's own - I'm not sure if I really need the other content. 

What do you think?? Any experience you want to share?



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Hey Frank! 

You are more than welcome to use the other tools. 
For example if you wanted to use Crest, all you would need to do is set the Water in the Gaia Manager to none. 
Then use Crest as its instructs you on how to use. 

For something like ram you can actually use GeNa Pro to do most of the heavy lifting and then use ram as the final touch. 
This is mainly up to you. 

Our assets are compatible with "almost" everything on the asset store. 

Use other assets to create custom biomes, change the water, lighting and skies or use our stuff the choice is yours! 


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