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The Spawner doesn't work as expected


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I use the image mask to control where the Texture should be spawned.

As you see the terrain texture in the red frame was supposed to be spawned in the green area in preview.

However the result is much different and i don't know the reason why it happened and how to handle it.



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Hi @JuggRain, can you please try to switch the "mask space" setting to "Global" and try spawning again? If your world exceeds a certain size, the spawner cannot process everything in a single step, but will perform multiple spawns in a grid pattern instead to cover the entire world. If the mask is set to "local" then, it will apply the mask image only to that small local place of that step - this is why you can see your red texture painted on in a grid pattern.
If the mask is set to "global" it should work as expected. You can read more about local vs. global masks in this article:


(see under 7. Local vs Global mask space)


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Thank you very much, i switch the mask space setting to Global and i found that the spwan area in the preview become super tiny.


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@JuggRain, please try the "Scale" settings in the mask, you can use it to scale the image up and down until it fits in the desired location. You can use offset / position to move it as well.

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Thank you very much!Another questions is how can i keep my handpainting on the terrain from being replaced by the texture spawner.

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Hi, i have a new problem that the spawner will paint seams on the terrain ,as you see there are two yellow lines in the picture ,but in the preview everything is all right 


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This is because this is the end of the spawner. 
In this case, I would use a distance mask to get rid of the hard lines. 
Sorry did not see this as its in the conversations and not the actual asset. 

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