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Exception after installing Gaia Pro 2023 4.0.5

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I am having the same issue with HDRP 14.0.9 project in unity 2022.3.16f1.

I was using "HDRP Time Of Day 1.2.2" in my project and decided to add

"Gaia Pro 2023 4.0.5" and had the error.

I tried removing both products and adding only Gaia, but I received the same error.

I removed it again and added "Gaia Pro 2021 3.4.1" this time...suprisingly I also get the same error with that version.

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Hi @Loran75 @Maaku01 I'm looking into this - just from looking at the error message, it seems to me that unity might have raised the installed HDRP version within the LTS release.
The error message complains about "numberOfBounces" missing, and this property was definitely there / working in earlier 2022.3 releases. I will soon know more.

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Hi @Loran75 @Maaku01 I looked into this more, and found that this is most likely a bug in the Unity Editor version 2022.3.16. I compared between 2022.3.15 and 2022.3.16 - both Editor versions install HDRP 14.0.9 by default when using the HDRP template, however the class "PhysicallyBasedSky.cs" is different between the two Editor versions. The .16 version is missing that "numberOfBounces" field that causes the error in Gaia:


The documentation on this field is weird as well, it does show the field in most of the HDRP versions, e.g. 13, 15, 16, but for HDRP 14 it is missing:



I do 100% know though that this field existed in HDRP 14 as well, as we did not change the related Gaia code for quite some time, and it is visible in the code comparison screenshot I took from 2022.3.15 above.

The good news is that it should be relatively save to simply comment out the offending lines - since this field apparently does not exist for whatever reason, Gaia does not need to fill it with data either. I prepared this as a patch for you here that you can install to get rid off the error:


(Install the contained .unitypackage via Assets > Import Package > Custom Package

However, ut might potentially be though that if you want to add other assets to the project that rely on this "numberOfBounces" field as well that you will run into the same error, and it seems sketchy that Unity removes that one field in an LTS release without adjusting the HDRP version number - if you experience any other issues especially with rendering / lighting, I would recommend to return to editor version 2022.3.15 instead.

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