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Biome Spawners with Tag and Layers Rules


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You know what would be super cool?  If an individual spawner within a Biome could apply a Tag or a Layer to a GameObject when it spawns.

Rocks are a great example.

Instead of the Content Pack having to maintain separate prefab variants that are tagged as either "PW - Nature" etc., and/or assigned to a layer "PW_Object_Medium", assigning the Tag and/or Layer to the GameObject when it spawns would be incredibly helpful, because then subsequent Spawners in the same biome would be able to utilize the Collision Mask.  

GeNa Spawners could then also check the collision layers, and Scene Optimizer would benefit as well.

The Synty Nature Content Pack does not include prefab variants with pre-assigned Tags and Layers like the Fantasy Kingdom Content Pack does, so the ability to emulate comprehensive Spawner functionality as found in the Gaia Pro Alpine Meadow Biome (for example) cannot be easily accomplished without quite a bit of additional effort with prefabs.

Thank you -


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