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Random position/offset


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Hey team,
Am I missing something obvious? Cause that happens....

I can't see how to randomly move something when spawning it with GeNa.
The chance of something spawning is there, but not WHERE it spawns.

image.png.eac381149b3e895849916d76523c9e59.pngThis is a point of interest I spawn in Gaia. Easy to do.
I can set a spawn chance for things so they turn on and off. Or even multiple instances.
I can do that with GeNa too.

But in Gaia you can set position offsets as a range. And move things around. I can have benches close and far from the fire. I can have the log pile right next to them or 5 units away. It creates a lot of variety.

Is there a decorator I'm missing to give things a random position to add in variety?
Otherwise it feels like the only way would be a "one of" decorator and making clones of each prefab positioned at a bunch of places.


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17 minutes ago, Manny said:

Adjust the 'Position Modifier (Y)

This didn't have any effect apart from the Y axis, which is what I had before based on the tooltip.
There's no option for X and Z offset for variety.

Thanks for the answer @Manny, but thats not the one.

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Continuing this, I have just... So many GeNa pro questions I can't see the answer for.

Is this kind of thing the intended workflow for the most part?

I build a little layout. A farm, a camp, etc.
I have a prefab unpacker decorator, and I set random offsets and rotations on things. Adjust the spawn chance of things.

This gets variety in the stuff that spawns and the layout.
The issue though, is those random offsets need to be "unique" or collissions happen.
I can't have the windmill in the centre and move it 20 units in a random direction, as it will end up inside the house or greenhouse some of the time. 

Is there a way to have these things positioned randomly, but avoid collissions?
Can I somehow spawn 12-20 things and ask them nicely to just not run into one another?
Is it a decorator? or a change in the workflow when building a prefab point of interest to spawn?

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Next issue.
Spawner is set to "All" 

There are 5 things in it.

But if I spawn it, even in a massive circle it spawns between 1 and 3 of them only.

Spawn type is set to every. The range is 50, throw distance is 5.
Shouldn't this be attempting to spawn every 5m inside the throw area?
I've tried setting check collissions, height, slope etc to none.
There's nothing restricting it. It just doesn't spawn all 5 things dropped in.

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