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Hills - Broken Lands 4k Stamp Pack


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This a set of 10 high res 4k stamps can be used as the basis of you maps.

They are a mix of craggy rolling lands, split by rugged canyons that encourage you to go exploring!

You can use a distance mask to blend these with other stamps or use them as stand alone maps!

Download them from here and let us know what you think!

Grab 20211226190454 w1920h1080 x1283y307z90r269.jpg

Grab 20211226190901 w1920h1080 x1106y162z314r262.jpg

Grab 20211226190338 w1920h1080 x-42y515z1229r177.jpg

Grab 20211226190112 w1920h1080 x135y257z1150r186.jpg

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