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Gaia Pro API Docs?

Sorra the Orc

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There is no documentation for the Gaia API beyond the comments in the source code for the GaiaAPI class yet. Is there any specific function that you need help with?

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OK, I'll check the comments. No specific gap I'm trying to resolve. I'm just getting started. Will come back if I have something specific. Thanks for the pointer to the class (didn't even look for that).


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Working well. I now have a semi-automated way of generating Islands for my game. Once it is automated I'll be super happy. Basically, I set a range of possible randomizations (probability rand for spawns, biome selection, height etc.) and click a button.

I want it to be 100 islands created on each button press, but that's easy. Once I have that I will automate a flythrough and around video recording. Then I can review each of them offline in the video.

It really helps that you share the editor code. I didn't realize that was the case I thought everything as in the DLLs. Reverse engineering the right calls is much easier with that code.


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Adding my question I need help with. Maybe you have an idea, @Peter?

For now I use Gaia without Sectr but with Gaia Streaming (it looks already faster btw.). Now I use a custom character as well. The character is spawned, the terrain under the character is loaded (using the terrain loader script). But the loading screen won't be disabled.

When I use a Gaia player, the loading screen is disabled. So I must have missed something. What is this? Why does the Gaia Loading screen does not disable with a custom character? 

I debugged the script (Gaia Loading Screen) and can see that only Start() and OnLoadProgressUpdated() are called. But not OnLoadProgressEnded() is never called with a custom controller. The gaia player does not seem to call anything related to the loading screen. So what am I missing?

More details in discord: https://discord.com/channels/423247963457060866/935350210291433572/1117839449259266190

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Some member in another forum mentioned, that there is some kind of documentation. The code itself. Just in case someone else is looking for it :-)

The names are self explaining and the summary is a good start. If anyone else is looking for some "documentation", just take a look at the API Script:

`Procedural Worlds/Gaia/Scripts/API/GaiaAPI.cs'

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@Thomas123 yes that is correct, there is no external documentation but the GaiaAPI class has comments on its functions in the code that should you help to get started. We will add this info to our online documentation.

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