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Spherical Terrain / Curved Worlds


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I've watched a couple of videos but they're using C# code and not Gaia. They take a cube and turn it into a sphere so that we have control over the amount of triangles on the terrain 

I see some guys at World Creator has managed to get this right - but I would like to stick with Gaia

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Im am also interessted in the solution if there is any. 

I think I also watched the videos you are referring to, and believe that this will not work because I am not convinced that what those guys create is actually terrain. However, I am new to unity and gaia and would like to hear a pro's opinion on that one. 

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Unity terrain is 2D, I have no idea if this is really possible or uses a trick so I'm following the topic.

I was going to suggest you take this one to reddit, google or youtube because it's probably not Gaia specific. I've definitely seen tutorials - e.g. CodeMonkey explained how Dyson Sphere Program achieved it.

Gaia's finished terrains are still unity terrains so if you learn the trick I imagine you can apply it to your Gaia output


FYI - I'm nothing to do with Procedural Worlds, I just stopped by while checking for my own answer

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This is the guy I watched. I suppose he makes a mesh and paints it with textures. Don't think that is equal to makaing terrain.

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(True) Curved worlds are difficult to do with the unity terrain object, it is flat and cannot be rotated by default, and the underlying heightmap system is not made to support a planet, but rather just a square flat area.
There are shader products on the asset store that can give the illusion of a round surface, e.g. https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/vfx/shaders/curved-world-2020-173251
If you do not want to rely on shader tricks it would be better to look for an asset that can do planet rendering and / or develop your own solution.

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