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Issues with Height Probability


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I am trying to make some sense out of the height probility feature. I figures already:

Left-Right axis shows height in a measure of min to max height of terrain (yet I am not sure that this is true).

Down-Up axis shows probility for spawn.

Through the colorring I can visualize the band on the map. So for islands I selected the band so that it shows up only in water (needed to set 100% spawn probability in height probability to a fairly large value very close to 0.9)

Once I click randomize stamps it spawns islands only on the top of the highest mountains.

What's up with that?

PS: would love to paste you a screenshot, but this is kinda hard in this forum...

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So, I investigated that thing a lot. Obviously there are stamps I like to spawn above sea level and some below. So I have been experimenting with square functions. Turns out the stamp spawn area and the colored area have basically no overlapp, i. e. the coloring seems completly useless.

Turns out to spawn islands under water an extremely narrow band of .43 to .47 is enough. Absolutely nothing spawns below .43 while things spawn on land once above .47.

Next I wanted vallies and lakes to spawn on land. Logic would dictate that above .47 I get them on land. I am now at the narrowest band I can make between .987 and .994 and they still spawn from the deepest ocean to the highest mountain.

Next I wanted mountains. I want mountains on high land masses and got that above .8.

It seems the scale for each stamp is different.

This seems all very weired, is there anyway to get from relative numbers to absolute numbers, or any other way to get things spawning in a reasonable fashion?

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To make things, worse, the scale changes if multipe different stamps are spawned at the same time. So my mountains from above spawning nicely at high places, now spawn all over the place.

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As far as the sea level is concern with spawning most of the spawners are set to not spawn under the sea. 
One trick that I do is disable or delete the sea until the spawning is done. 
You can also change the spawners to work from Relative to Sea Level to World Space. 
This should disregard sea level also make sure if you are using any preset biomes that you dont have some of the masks still enabled. 

Ie Stones for example is set to spawn on the grass terrain texture, but be removed when they spawn on the forest path. 
Hopefully this helps! 

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