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Small Cave with vegetation master not spawning any trees


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I'm following along with the Nature spawner tutorial and when I spawn the small cave (with vegetation), I don't see any vegitation. I have GeNa Pro and Polygon nature imported. Any ideas as to why I'm not seeing any trees? A few others posted this same issue on the Youtube page and were told to post the issue here. Doesn't appear that they did, so I guess I will go first :).

2nd issue I'm seeing is that repeated ctl+left click produces the same cave (no variations).

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What I've observed after playing with this some more:

1) There are no iterations, just the same cave being spawned, no mater which cave spawner is selected.

2) The two cave with vegetation spawners do not spawn vegetation. (The Sub Spawner cave plants do spawn and iterate just fine).

I'm not seeing this issue on any of the other Nature Pack spawners - they spawn and iterate as expected.

BTW, selecting 'force spawn' does not change the behavior. 

I've observed the exact same behavior trying this on Unity 2021.3.4f1 using HDRP and 2020.3.35f1 using the standard pipeline.

I'm using Gaia Pro 2021 v3.2.4 , Gena Pro v3.3.19 , Nature Spawner Pack for Polygon Nature v 1.03, Polygon Nature v1.12

To reproduce the issue,:

1) Install the application versions listed above (I haven't tried different versions)

2) Create a medium/desktop/Synty Nature biome using World Designer

3) Drag the Spawner - Small_Cave_01_With_Vegetation_Master prefab into the scene

4) Shift click to find a spot and orientation, then ctl click to place.

Notice only the cave is spawned (no vegetation in the hierarchy under _Sp_Root_Small_Cave_01_Plants_01).

Notice also that ctl-shift-i does not iterate (no variations are spawned).

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I have the exact same problem with this asset. 

I bought the pack today, and was following along and no vegetation spawned for me either. I dove into the spawner and as far as I can tell, the subspawners are not able to maintain a link to the subspawner prefab. The reference is simply missing for all the vegetation subspawners. 

I tried manually adding them back and saved, but no luck - after saving the field were reverted to empty again. 

The same issue exists with for example the "cliff with vegetation" spawner.

Would appreciate some guidance on how to get these spawners working.

gena spawner issue.png

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Can you please tell me what version you are using? I believe this was an issue in an older version.


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I am using the following versions:

  • Unity 2021.3.8f1
  • GeNa Pro 3.3.20-c5
  • Gaia Pro 3.2.6-c5
  • POLYGON Nature 1.12
  • Nature - Spawner Pack for "POLYGON Nature" 1.0.3

I tested in Unity 2021.3.7f1 also, and it was the same issue.

I have tried to refresh the ingestion, manually recreate the spawner using the available prefabs, but have had no luck so far. I looked into the prefab, and the only thing I thought could be an issue was that there seemed to be a "one child of" decorator missing on the "Vegetation" game object sitting as the parent of the sub spawners. But adding that had no effect so I am clearly missing something. 

In short, I am simply not able to figure out exactly where the issue could be and appreciate any guidance to get it working until a fix comes out. In the meanwhile, I will continue to play around with the fantasy kingdoms spawner pack 🙂

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Was there ever a fix for this?  I just started with this spawner and I can't get iterations of caves or vegetation to spawn...


Unity 2021.3.8f1

POLYGON Nature 1.12

Nature - Spawner Pack 1.0.3

GeNa Pro 3.3.21

Gaia Pro 2021 - Terrain & Scene Generator 3.3.0



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I am having the same issue.


Unity 2021.3.9f1

POLYGON Nature 1.12

Nature - Spawner Pack 1.03

GeNa Pro 3.3.21-c5

Gaia Pro 3.3.0-c5



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