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Update : Scene Optimizer v1.0.9


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We released an update for Scene Optimizer. This update contains various new features and improvements and a few smaller fixes from support feedback. The update is available for our Canopy Pro subscribers or on the Unity Asset Store.

You can find the download on Canopy here:

Scene Optimizer Download

Change Log:

v 1.0.9


  • Ability to filter objects by type (i.e. All/Static Only/Dynamic Only).
  • Ability to source meshes by multiple layers.
  • Unoptimized objects are now copied to a separate object instead of ignored.
  • Improved internal + external documentation.


  • Improved UX of Scene Optimizer Editor.
  • Improved handling of optimize command visualization.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed compilation issues with certain newer versions of Unity.
  • Fixed bug with back slashes on MacOS.
  • Fixed bug with Start + Stop Asset Editing.
  • Fixed bug with Material list causing editor to crash.
  • Fixed bug with Material filter causing some objects to be missed.
  • Fixed bug with Min Max Object Size editor Slider.

About Scene Optimizer:

Accelerate your game just with a couple of clicks!

Do you wish your game would perform better? Faster frame rates mean that you can hit a wider audience and deliver a richer and more satisfying experience. However, scene optimization is a time consuming process, often akin to dark magic.

Scene optimizer was born out of professional VR and Mobile optimization work for our customers, and we have automated a range different techniques to make it easier for you deliver better framerates with just a couple of clicks.

Trailer / Tutorial:


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