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Saving Biome Files in local packages

Sorra the Orc

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Can you please make it so we can save spawners in the packages directory. Here's the reason for my request:

I am in the process of publishing all my work in UPM packages for easy consumption across people I am collaborating with and across unknown folks pulling some of my stuff from GitHub. This is an extremely convenient and powerful way of sharing code between projects (e.g. different scene projects) without having multiple copies of everything on disk - each with drifting versions.

When a package is installed from a remote location the package is mounted as read only. However, when it is installed from a local disk location the package is read/write. This prevents version drift because a change to shared code in one scene project (for example) will immediately be shared across all scenes using that same content.

Once I am able to do this I can provide access to the spawners I am creating in GitHub in case anyone else is interested in them (or maybe makes them better).

Here's what happens when I try to save to that folder now:


For reference here's where I want to save the file:


Note Gaia picks them up from here without a problem.

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