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    Create beautiful scenes fast with Gaia Pro 2021!
      Voted as the "Best Artistic Tool" in the 2020 Unity Awards, Gaia Pro 2021 is the platinum standard for world generation on the Unity platform.
    Purchase Gaia Pro 2021 today to save time and money by creating beautiful worlds for your game so that you can focus on the game play that matters and get to market faster. Trailer Documentation   Create beautiful scenes fast with Gaia 2021!
    Gaia Pro 2021 is a powerful, all in one world generation, optimization and streaming system that creates stunning mobile, vr, console and desktop landscapes and scenes that run well and look great in minutes.It delivers simple, fast and pretty landscapes, terra-forming, texturing, planting and procedural content placement using our assets or yours as you prefer.   With Gaia Pro you will:
      Select your world size, biome and target platform;   Procedurally generate your terrain based on the generator criteria you set;   Procedurally texture, plant and populate based on the biome you chose;   Optionally export versions of your world optimized for mobile or mmo’s;   Setup your lighting, wind, water, controllers, culling and post fx with a click;   Press play and explore your world.   Gaia Pro saves you time, money and heartache by including everything you need to bring your vision to life, and create studio quality landscapes, terrains and scenes in hours and days instead of weeks and months.

    You can be up and running around your beautiful environment in minutes!   Key Features
    Gaia Pro is a system of systems designed to automate many aspects of world generation,
    operation and streaming. It has all the features of Gaia 2021 plus:
      Wizard driven setup optimized for target platform   Modular design, use as much or as little as you want   Massive world generation with multi terrain & streaming support   Accelerated grass rendering system that works in HDRP (URP coming)   Use our content or yours with our powerful and extensible biome system   Design your world by mixing and matching stamps with real time previews   Visualize terrain and content placement with powerful stackable filters   Multiple skies, lighting (including time of day), vfx & sound fx systems   Stunning professionally designed alpine and temperate forest biomes   “Standard Unity” approach to maximize compatibility with other tools   Includes mesh and vegetation shaders with weather support   First, third, flying, vr/xr and car character controllers   Weather system with rain and snow support   High performance water system & shaders   Builtin, URP and HDRP support   Terrain Mesh Export system   Why Gaia PRO ?
    Gaia Pro is the most successful Unity terrain tool ever with over 1000 5-star ratings, 500+ written reviews, and was even the winner of the "Best Artistic Tool" in the 2020 Unity Awards. GAIA PRO saves you time, money and heartache by including many expensive assets into one integrated, optimized and professionally supported system that delivers more capability, usability and performance for less money, and less time.   What do our customers think about Gaia Pro {media={media={media={media={media=   Sample Assets Included:
    We include the following samples for you to use in your own games:
      Skies from Ambient Skies by Procedural Worlds;   Sounds from Ambient Sounds by Procedural Worlds;   3D Low Poly Adventure from Synty Studios;   3D Village Exteriors Kit from 3DForge;   Grasses from Turboscalpeur;   Textures from NatureManufacture.   Pro Assets Included:
    Created specifically to show off the power of Gaia Pro we also include the following professionally produced assets and incorporate them into our biomes:
      20 matched PBR terrain texture sets;   9 mesh based flowers;   30 plants and ground covers including mushrooms, flowers, berries & bushes;   45 photogrammetry enhanced trees;   11 photogrammetry enhanced rocks and stones;   5 particle systems including birds, butterflies, dust embers, leaves and pollen;   5 audio zones, and multiple music tracks and sound fx;   Multiple skies and matched lighting and post fx;   Several biomes based on these assets.   Feature Comparison:
    Gaia 2021 (powerful product, indie prices):
      Biomes   Multi Tile Support   GPU Accelerated Stamping   GPU Accelerated Spawning   Lighting, Post FX, Sound FX   Built In, URP, HDRP Shaders   Water System with water Shaders & underwater effects   Third Party Extensions   Stackable Filtering   Mesh conversion (Terrain to Mesh).   Gaia Pro 2021 - All of Gaia 2021 PLUS:
      Massive World Creation Support   Non Destructive Massive World Edit Support   Massive World Streaming & Culling Support   Additional stamping & erosion operations   Additional masking operations   Mask exporting system   Spawnable VFX system and assets   Spawnable Sound FX system and assets   Integrated Weather System with rain and snow   Time of Day Lighting System   HQ Photogrametry Enhanced Biome Assets & Presets   Multiple pre-configured biomes   Low-poly-style Terrain Mesh Conversion   World Designer - fully procedural world generator   Flora Grass / Detail System - accelerated grass system (HDRP beta)   Photo Mode - awesome runtime photo creation system   World Space Masks - world space image and distance masks   Terrain Addition / Deletion support - dynamically grow your world   Biome Based Stamping - shape your terrain as part of your biome   Terrain Stitching Tool - dynically connect terrains to remove gaps   Photo Mode - awesome runtime photo creation system   Create beautiful scenes fast with Gaia 2021!
    To access either Subscribe to our Pro Subscription and download it from here, or purchase outright on the Unity Asset Store and download it from the asset store.



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