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  • Increase GTS Performance


    This article outlines how you can speed up GTS if you are seeing lower FPS. 

    To speed up the rendering, there are options for the texture array generation that can be found in the Texture Array Settings. You can set a max size, to limit the final resolution of the textures, as well as enable compression on the array in order to save memory. After these settings have been changed, pressing 'Create Texture Arrays' should regenerate the textures with the new settings.


    We also have the ability to convert the terrain into a mesh, which can be found in the Mesh Settings. These settings allow you to split up the terrain and control the lod bias of each tile, which can lead to a performance increase.


    2. GTS & Tessellation 

    GTS combines terrain layer textures into 2 texture sets, with the height channel being used for displacement. The height is stored in the Alpha channel of the Albedo Array, which is derived from the mask map's blue channel on a terrain layer. Increasing the multiplier and distance settings should increase the resolution of the tessellation. If you are using flat terrain that hasn't been sculpted on yet, the resolution of the terrain may be quite low. Try sculpting a tiny raise and see if the resolution increases. Under the Texture Layer Settings, we have overrides for controlling / remapping the displacement, found in the Tessellation heading of that layer. Each layer also has a tessellation amount parameter, which can provide a performance increase if some layers do not need displacing. We also have some example texture you can try out to see how displacement works with them, which can be found in Procedural Worlds -> GTS -> Content Resources -> Example Textures. This folder also contains ready made terrain layers for quick conversion from Unity Terrain to GTS.

    Non sculpted terrain:

    Sculpted terrain in one patch:

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