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  • 2. Using Your Own Assets / Creating Custom Biome/ Creating Custom Spawner


    Pro Tip 1: You can save multiple biomes and use them in the future.   

    Pro Tip 2:  You can save the spawner and use it in future biomes or later scenes if need be.

    Pro Tip 3: You can create as many spawners as you would like! 

    Pro Tip 4: Multiple spawners can be combined into a biome!

    Pro Tip 5: Use the drag and Dropbox to quickly add prefabs as spawn rules! 

    Step 1) 

    Create your terrain like you normally would. Either through the world designer or through step 1 create terrain and show tools.

    Step 2)

    To spawn your own assets, you can make your own spawner in Gaia. Create a spawner either from the Gaia Manager or by creating an empty Game Object, then attaching the Spawner component to it.  

    To create through the Gaia Manager please go to advanced settings, and open Biomes and Spawners. Then open "Add Biomes". At the bottom of the list is a button called Create Biome. Please click this button 


    Step 3a)

    (Option Choice 1)
    You can create your spawners the same way, by going to the "Add Spawners" section and go to the bottom of the list.
    Then click on Create New Spawner.


    Step 3b)

    (Option Choice 2)
    With this option after creating a new biome, it automatically adds it to the Hierarachy.
    1. You can see it being added.
    2. You can rename the biome.
    3. You can create the new spawners for this biome.
    4. You can add masks settings to the biome as a whole.


    Step 4a) 

    After selecting to create a new spawner it will add it automatically to the Hierarchy.
    1. You can see it was added.
    2. You can rename the spawner.
    3. You will need to drag your custom assets (Game Objects or Prefabs)
    4. You can create your Spawn rules.
    5. You can add mask settings to the individual spawner.


    Step 4b)

    A spawner can have one or more spawn rules. A spawn rule is the combination of resource settings ("What you want to spawn") spawn settings ("How you want to spawn") and mask settings ("Where you want to spawn"). Create the first spawn rule by clicking the create spawn rule button.

    Step 4c) 

    Select the resource type.

    Types include Terrain Texture, Terrain Detail, Terrain Tree, Game Object, Spawn Extension, Probe.


    Note: For the best result it is best to create a new spawner for each of these items, instead of adding them all to one spawner.

    Terrain Textures: After selecting the resource type texture, you can change the resource name.

    To add to the spawner- please click on the Add New Rule.
    Resource Management- This allows you to pull the resources from the selected terrain.

    Step 5) 


    You can repeat this process multiple times! Be sure to save your spawners by clicking on the Advanced tab in the spawner. Then click Save and Load. Save to file. 

    The same method goes for saving your biomes as well! 

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