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  • Runtime Module: Lighting Presets


    Applies to: Gaia (Pro) 2023

    Gaia (Pro) 2023 comes with a variety of optional Runtime Modules that you can use to enhance your scene. This article details the Lighting Presets module which allows you to add ready-made Lighting Presets into your scene. You can use these presets to test the terrains you made under different lighting conditions, or use them as a starting point for the lighting setup for your project. Here is the same scene under "Day" and "Evening" lighting presets:




    Using the lighting presets is relatively simple: Select the lighting preset you want from the dropdown menu, and click "Apply". In the Built-In Rendering pipeline there is also the option to automatically add a Post-Processing Layer component to the camera, which allows Post-Processing effects to render correctly.


    When adding a lighting preset to the scene, it differs a bit what happens exactly based on the render pipeline, since each render pipeline manages lighting for the scene differently:

    • In Built-In and URP the settings found under Window > Rendering > Lighting are adjusted
    • In all render pipelines a "Gaia Lighting" object is created in the scene that contains render-pipeline specific objects, e.g. a directional light, and environmental and post-processing volumes


    Please note that those created objects are based on standard unity components and are not custom code / technology from Gaia. This means the lighting should be compatible with other 3rd party assets, and you can find documentation for those objects in the unity manual or the render pipeline documentation



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