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  • Moving Projects & Moving Gaia


    This applies to anyone needing to transfer your Gaia made worlds to another project. 

    There is two use case solutions: 
    1. You want to move just the terrains to a different project and you are done using Gaia. 
    2. You want a cleaner project so you need to move just some of Gaia to a new project. 

    If any of your cases are similar to these here is the solutions. 

    1. If you you are done with Gaia but want to send your gaia made terrains over to a different project than all you need to send is: 
    - Terrain Layers (if you want to send over textures with your terrains). 
    - Terrain Data (this is your terrains themselves). 
    - Textures (you will need to send over textures if using any). 
    - Vegetation and materials (if you have any vegetation. 

    The terrain data and terrain layers can be found in:
    Assets > Gaia User Data > Sessions > (Gs- xxxxxx  - xxxx ) 

    To find what your session name is go to your Hierarchy - Gaia tools - Session manager
    Here you can find the name and the session data which will point you directly to the session folder

    2. You want Gaia into the new project but you dont want all the "bloat" 

    Again you will want to do the process above and to simplify it you can send over the entire session folder in the Gaia User Data: 

    The next part is to send Gaia over: 
    We have made a very simple way to get a reduced Gaia Package. 
    You will want to go to Window - Procedural Worlds - Gaia - Create Gaia Script Only Package: 

    Then just transfer that Gaia package into the new project! 

    If you are using any vegetation, texturing, and materials you will need to send this over as well! 

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