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  • Gaia Scanner


    The Gaia Scanner is a tool to convert certain file types into stamps. It currently supports the conversion of

    • Textures
    • Meshes
    • Terrains
    • RAW files

    Please Note: In the original Gaia 1 you always had to use the scanner when creating stamps out of textures since the stamper was using its own proprietary file format. In Gaia version 2.0.0 and higher the stamper since it works with textures directly, meaning you can just use any texture as a stamp. (As long as it contains meaningful height data)

    The scanner can be found in the Gaia Manager Advanced Tab under "Gaia Tools". When you click the scanner button, a new Scanner Game Object will be added to the Gaia Tools object in your scene.


    To use the scanner, drag and drop one of the supported file types from your project hierarchy on the Drop box on the scanner.


    The scanner will show a preview of the stamp it is about to create, and show some options depending on the file type of the object you just dropped. If you need help with these options, hover with the mouse over the field names or click the question mark button in the Scanner UI (top right corner).

    When you are happy with the scanner settings you can click the "Save Scan" button to save the resulting stamp in the folder you entered in "Export Folder". Per Default the Scanner will save the scanned stamps in the Gaia User Data\Stamps folder, which is useful because these stamps will then become available in the Stamp Browser as well.

    The resolution of the created file is dependent on the input object, e.g. when supplying a texture it will take the resolution of the input texture, when using a terrain it will take the heightmap resolution, and when using a mesh it will take the mesh scan resolution (which you can adjust in the scanner).

    After that you can use the Scanned Stamps in the Stamper as any other regular stamp.

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