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  • 5. Using the Gaia Scene View Panel


    The Scene View Panel is an UI Element on top of your scene view that offers a shortcut to the Gaia Manager, but also helps you navigate in your Gaia scene, especially if you are using Terrain Loading in Gaia Pro.


    Configuring the Size and Position

    Per Default the Scene View Panel appears centered on top of your scene view. If this is inconvenient for you, or you do not want to use the scene view panel at all, you can re-position it in the Gaia Settings. Locate the Gaia Settings file under

    Assets\Procedural Worlds\Gaia\Settings

    Gaia 2023 / Gaia Pro 2023 users: 
    Assets\Procedural Worlds\Packages - Install \ Gaia \ Settings  - GaiaSetings.asset

    and adjust the following Settings to configure the scene view panel appearance to your liking:


    You can adjust both the position and the size of the panel in the scene view. Note that you can change between "Absolute" and "Relative" types, when making an absolute entry the values that you enter will be counted as pixels (e.g. 50 pixels from the left side of the scene view), when making a relative entry it is counted as a percentage of the scene view size (e.g. at 50% of the current scene view width).

    If you do not want the scene view to appear at all, you can give it a large negative value on the y-position to move it out of the scene view completely.

    Control your Scene with Terrain Loading

    When using Terrain Loading in Gaia Pro, you can access multiple shortcuts to control scene loading and navigating your world. By clicking on the small downwards triangle, you can unfold the panel to access these settings (Gaia Pro only):


    In the unfolded panel you can access the following features:



    Switching between World Map and Terrains when using the World Designer

    When exporting your terrain from the World Designer, the Scene View Panel will get an additional button:


    This button allows you to switch between your actual terrains which you exported from the World Designer and the World Designer itself. The text / function of the button will switch accordingly as well.


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