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  • 4. Session Manager


    What is the Session Manager?

    The session manager is a collection of stored operations. 

    The Session Data object for this session. This is the object that is created when a new session is made. 
    Assigning a different session data object here will allow you to load a different session. 


    Name: allows you to rename the session to something you can recognize.


    Description: Allows you to add some notes for your Session to help identify which session it was. 


    Preview Image: This allows you to place an image that will be displayed when looking at the Session File in the asset hierarchy - makes it easier to recognize what the output will be when playing back the session. 

    Generate Image: Will allow you to generate an image for the preview. 

    Created: Tells you the time and date when the session was created. 

    Locked: Locks the session so it cant be changed. 

    Sea Level: This slider, allows you to adjust the sea level for your scene. 

    Global Spawn Density: This changed the overall spawn density for all biomes. How much of everything is spawned; trees, grass, game objects, etc. 

    Heightmap Backup: This allows you to generate a heightmap of your terrain for a just in case moment. 
    We recommend doing this after your world is created and before you start spawning. 

    What is an operation: 
    An operation is an action taken from using Gaia. 
    This includes: Stamping the terrain, generating the world through the world designer, spawning a biome, clearing any details, etc. 
    This doesn't include: any actions done out side of Gaia; for example using the normal Unity terrain tools and modifying the terrain is not saved in the session manager.

    You have two options when using the session manager: 
    1. Delete All Operations: Deleting all operations means that you can start from scratch within the session. If you wanted to start over you can simply delete all operations. The reason you would want to do this instead of just creating a new scene is because it will also create a new session doing this over and over again will add unnecessary sessions to the project. 

    2. Play Session: Playing the session will allow you play all the operations of the session manager to the last operation preformed. 
    Additionally, you can select a certain part of the session and play to that operation. 


     As seen above we have 3 operations. Clear World, Create World and Spawning. 
    If we did not like how the spawning operation went we can just click play on the second operation and go back to the point in the session. 
    This is extremely helpful when reverting stamps or other operations that you don't want. 
    The session manager allows you to generate and play with your world without destroying any progress in the world development / spawning phase. 


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