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  • Making sure you are using the latest version of a PW product


    Checking the version number

    To make sure you are using the latest version of a Procedural Worlds product, please compare the version number of the application with what is described as the latest version in the unity asset store:


    If you find that your product shows a different version number than what is displayed online, please check if you can find any mention of a specific version in the release notes:


    Version releases can be tied to a specific unity version, so it is important to make sure you are using at least the minimum version of unity to be able to download the correct product update from within unity.
    Downloading from the PW Store does not have such a download restriction, but you would still need to make sure you are using the correct minimum version regardless.

    Dealing with Package Manager inconsistencies

    Since Unity 2020.1, you have to use the package manager window to download your assets purchased on the Unity asset store. We have received reports from users and have experienced it first hand in support that it can happen that the package manager does not display the correct version for the package it has currently downloaded.

    Here is an example of the state of the Package Manager shortly after a new version of Gaia 2 was released on the asset store:


    The project is still running Gaia version 2.2.2 and the new Gaia version 2.2.3 has not yet been downloaded, but the package manager already shows 2.2.3 as "Currently downloaded" and also does not offer the download button. Clicking on "Import" will result in the cached older version 2.2.2 being re-imported again.

    This usually occurs when an update has been released and users are trying to download it. This can create confusion since the users are rightfully assuming they just updated to the latest version of the asset, when instead they just reimported the older version.

    You can force the package manager into a download of the latest version from the asset store by deleting the cached unity package from your computer. You can find the cached asset store packages in the following folders on your computer:

    Windows: %APPDATA%\Unity\Asset Store-5.x (hidden folder!)
    Mac: ~/Library/Unity/Asset Store-5.x/
    Linux: ~/.local/share/unity3d/Asset Store-5.x 

    The Procedural Worlds packages can be found in the Procedural Worlds folder. Depending on the product you should be able to locate the package for your product in there and delete it. Now the package manager should display the "Download" button again, which will then pull the latest version.

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    If you are a subscriber, you can download the latest software in the Downloads section here on Canopy.

    If you bought via the asset store, you can download via the package manager as shown in the article above.

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