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  • Keeping track of things in Canopy


    Canopy has multiple options to let you keep track on what is happening on the forums, if someone replied to your posts, etc. This article shares a few tips to keep track on things in Canopy.


    In the top right corner of the site you can find a "Notifications" section that will inform you about the most important things that might concern you, e.g. if someone replied to one of your topics you started, liked your content, etc.


    You can control for what and in which way you will receive notifications for in the "Notification settings". Note that it is possible to follow certain content to receive notifications, see "Following Content" below.

    Keeping Track of your own posts

    Sometimes it can be difficult to find your own post after a while, or you want to read a certain answer again. To see all your own activity, click your profile link on the top of the site....


    ...and then click the "My Activity" button inside the profile.


    This gives you a detailed overview over everything you posted on the site. Note that you can quickly filter with categories on the left.


    Note that the general "Activity" tab on the site has more detailed search capabilities if you e.g. looking for a certain post you made in January 2022 or so. More in the "Activity Tab" section below!

    Following Content

    You can follow threads, categories,  users, files and screenshot galleries to be notified when something new is posted. You can also filter for "Followed" content in the activity streams, which makes it easier to create streams of things that interest you. Look for the follow box in the top right corner of the UI:


    Or in a member's profile:


    When you create a new post, there is a slider to activate following after it is posted as well:


    This allows you to control for which content you will receive updates via the notification system.

    Using the Activity tab

    The activity tab gives you various insights about new content on the site and also allows you to create custom tailored activity streams.


    "All Activity" gives you a chronological overview of ALL activity on the site - whether it is posts, likes, new files you can see everything in there in chronological order.

    "My Activity Streams" filters the stream to specific topics like "Unread Content" only. The "Create new Stream" option is a powerful tool to make a custom stream tailored to the things that really interest you. (see the section below for more info)

    "Unread Content" is things you did not click into yet to read them.

    "Content I started" is a collection of posts you started yourself.

    "Search" is a free search in the activity of the site. This is a good way if you are looking for something specific, a file that was posted in last year for example.

    Creating a custom Activity Stream

    Here is an example how it would work to create a custom activity stream that only shows you the updates in the download section:

    1. Start via Activity > My Activity Streams > Create new Stream


    2. In the stream creation form, enter a given name, and select files only. The other options are pretty self explanatory, you can configure everything to your liking. The example below would create a stream that would show all file uploads in the past 14 days. But you could also make it so that it only shows things you have not seen yet by changing the "Read Status".


    When you save the changes, you now have this custom activity stream available with the click of a button:



    Sharing and subscribing to Activity Streams


    There are options available to share the stream you created, and also subscribe to it via RSS or as an email digest - you can make your own personal email notifications about content updates on the site this way.


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