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Real-Time Strategy Module / Engine - Vexstorm

Real-Time Strategy Module / Engine - Vexstorm

This will be an album of my work making tutorials, or cinematic scenes, related to my software asset Real-Time Strategy Module / Engine . 

To make these scenes I am using the following assets and systems:

Gaia Pro 2021 - Terrain creation, texture, water, spawning, and nature

Pegasus - Camera movements for cinematic approach

Enviro Sky and Weather- Sky, Lighting, and Weather

Game Creator - Core Engine Only - Character movement, Actions, Triggers, Conditions

My RTS Software  - for RTS Based logic, A Custom events system, and custom actions, triggers, movement wrapped around Game Creator. Additional full suit of custom systems, including spawning, wandering, character creation, resource management and creation, AI system, Game State systems, UI templated systems, and so much more

My Custom prefabs and Models - Creations of my own mind, including custom materials, textures

Varied Free Models off Unity Asset Store - free to use assets including the boats currently


I hope this shows what you can do, with a bit of imagination and a drive to do anything. Surpassing your own hopes and the expectations of others, even if others say you can not possible be able to. I have been successful, in learning how to directly code and learn all of Unity, and develop my own software, in a manner of 1 Year. If I can accomplish this, then what's stopping you?



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Our newest video related to the above images

Our newest video trailer reflecting many of  the amazing qualities that the Real-Time Strategy (RTS) Module has. This is a 2 part video, roughly 5 minuets long but worth it in my opinion , 
1st part is a cinematic scene  (my first attempt at one so be nice) meant to get those imaginations going of what you can do when you use the RTS module, along side other assets. 
2nd part is a trailer reflecting what RTS Module is, and why its a good product
*This is not a AAA video *, but for a first attempt, I am proud of it. I put alot of effort, energy and who I am into it.  Much like how I am with anything I am involved in. 
I appreciate you all taking a look, and enjoy 

I used Unity Standard Pipeline, Procedural Worlds (Gaia Pro 2021, Pegasus), Game Creator 1, Enviro, and my own software being the RTS Module

Upgraded Real-Time Strategy Module video https://youtu.be/kGoho6b2iTM Featuring a Cinematic Scene, videos and images reflecting RTS module and what its all about. Although this was posted , many days ago, I have since upgraded this video to be fully HD , amended somethings , and added a bit more engineered sound effects to it. Please enjoy, although 5 minuets, I am quite proud of this let me know your thoughts

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